Carlos Echeverria

Systems Analyst and Solutions Architect

What I Actually Do

Node.js Development

Great experience developing modules on Node.js, I declare myself as a huge fan of ­­non­blocking I/O and event ­driven­­ concepts that makes Node really scalable, faster and lightweight.

Java Development

Experience developing Java Standalone Applications and Enterprise Web Applications, Servlets, JSP and Java based frameworks like JavaServer Faces, Spring, Struts and Google Web ToolKit.

WebMethods BPM

Expertise on WebMethods Software AG suite, and abilities in cross platform integration solutions with Open Source technologies like Apache ActiveMQ, Apache ServiceMix and SOAP/REST Web Services.

IoT Enthusiast

Actually advocated to define strategies to integrate IoT devices and real-time Cloud Services. I want to generate a price accessible WiFi core using cheap MCUs like the ESP8266, integrated with MQTT to avoid overhead through HTTP..

Cloud Computing

As developers we are on prime time, we are on Anything As a Service age, and I had the opportunity to work with. Actually I'm actively working on projects that resides on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services

My OpenSource

Paying forward to all this amazing people that shares innovation throught open source.
Here is my contribution..!

Slot Framework

A Node.js based Web Framework. Build web apps faster putting in practice the “Prototyping First” concept. Slot natively integrates with disruptive client side frameworks like Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, JQuery UI and others. The npm packages are published on Npmjs slot-framework and slot-cli


A lighter Testing Automation Framework for WebMethods IS, intended to offer an easy way to integrate testing automation on WebMethods. The code still in progress and it’s deployed on GitHub in two main projects, WmCi IS Api and WmCi Java Backend.

Technical Skills

Zurb Foundation
Trading Networks